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Ok so I have not done to well with my eating habits, but then again I haven't been too bad either. I've been a lot worse!!!
I'm wondering if I make myself put log everything I eat on my blog for everyone to see, if I will do better? I think I will try it.

So how bad is egg drop soup for you? I would think the sodium intake would be the worst part.

Tonight I am thinking about baking some salmon for dinner. Anyone have any good healthy recipes for that?

My Granddad did really well with his surgery! He is home and moving about. My Grandma had to keep him from driving to get the paper this morning. (He isn't supposed to drive for 24 hours, which is up now)

1 Large Chocolate Chip Cookie (My downfall for the day :/ I actually ate that for my breakfast:( )
1 glass Diet Green Tea
Since then 1 large coffee with Splenda and cream