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Diet, Wedding Shower, Birthday Party and SCKBSTD

I didn't do to bad at dinner last night. I had a salad with fat free Ranch dressing, a little bit of cheese, a little bit of cottage cheese ( just a little because cottage cheese has a lot of carbs), One of those bags of Salads, cherry tomatoes, and then a glass of wine. It was good. This morning I have started on my cup of coffee and half of a bagel (Plain).

I am coming along with the wedding shower. I ordered these little boxes of mints where you could personalize the top of the tin. Also it had a little butterfly on the top (Her wedding is butterfly themed). For the table I am going to have a white table cloth, these two butterfly centerpiece things to hold flowers or balloons, and butterfly confetti sprinkled across the table. It is going to be at a restaurant so I don't have to worry about plates, napkins, or the food other than the cake. I'm not sure where I am getting the cake made yet. No one seems to want to call me back. I am going to have two games, one is wedding Bingo and I'm not sure what else yet. When I send out the invitations I am going to include a receipt card to have each guest write down their favorite receipt and give to Amy at the shower.
Does anyone else have any suggestions of things I need or should do for the shower? I've never given one before and I'm not exactly a "take charge type of person" lol

I have to shop for my little cousin's birthday party for next weekend also. She will be 15, not so little anymore. Not sure what to get other than balloons there. It will be at the same restaurant as the shower. She has already invited her friends. Any suggestions? (I will be getting a cake of course)

It's rainy, a little snowy and a little icy today. Some of the schools here were delayed 2 hours, although roads are not bad and there really isn't any accumulation.

I posted another ad on Craigslist for someone to date. We will see what happens.

Sunday Clint and I are going to see Bruce Hornsby's new musical called SCKBSTD (pronounced Sick Bastard). I saw and met Bruce Hornsby back in September. He played some of the music from the musical at his concert that night. I really liked it and my date and I that night had planned to go to see his musical. Of course that guy fizzled out. I think Clint felt bad for me because he knew I really wanted to go but once again had ran into an unreliable asshole so I think he suggested us going to make me feel better. I got us really good seats! We are on the front row. I am reallllyyy excited. Maybe I will get to see Bruce again lol. Until I went to his concert, I did not realize he was from Williamsburg. My date that night was friends with him which is how I got to meet him. It was pretty cool.

Well back to work for now!