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Last night I had a frightening dream. I don't remember much about it except at one point I was sitting at my desk at work and this huge black spider crawled up my leg and arm on to the side of my shoulder and opened it's mouth and had these sharp looking teeth and made a hissing sound. It was getting ready to bite me. I woke up before it did of course. I looked up what dreams about spiders mean and most of what I found said they mean fear or trying to escape from something that doesn't look like it is going to happen.
Another explanation, which is kind of far fetched I know, means that someone is trying to watch you or keep an eye on you. (That was an African Witch Craft thing). Made me think, my little cousins mother ( if you can really call her a mother) studies Wicca and we have a mutual dislike for one another even though we both are "showy" nice to each other in person. It could be her.
Anyway, does anyone have any in sight into my dream?

So far today, and it is 10:51 am, I have only had 4 wheat crackers with a little bit of shredded cheese and a large cup of coffee from McDonald's (with Splenda and cream). I'm not sure what I will have for lunch yet. I'm thinking a Healthy Choice Meal because I have one here at the office that needs to be ate.

I ordered stuff for the wedding shower today. So far I have wedding Bingo as one of the games. Does anyone else have a suggestion?
It will be held at a restaurant and there are only about 12 people that are going to be there.


It think I fear life in general lol.
Not getting a new job which means I wouldn't be able to move, not ever getting married, being lonely, not losing weight, the shower lol and so on.