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Feb. 10th, 2011

(no subject)

Poll #1679730 Egg Drop Soup

Is Egg Drop Soup good for you?



Ok so I have not done to well with my eating habits, but then again I haven't been too bad either. I've been a lot worse!!!
I'm wondering if I make myself put log everything I eat on my blog for everyone to see, if I will do better? I think I will try it.

So how bad is egg drop soup for you? I would think the sodium intake would be the worst part.

Tonight I am thinking about baking some salmon for dinner. Anyone have any good healthy recipes for that?

My Granddad did really well with his surgery! He is home and moving about. My Grandma had to keep him from driving to get the paper this morning. (He isn't supposed to drive for 24 hours, which is up now)

1 Large Chocolate Chip Cookie (My downfall for the day :/ I actually ate that for my breakfast:( )
1 glass Diet Green Tea
Since then 1 large coffee with Splenda and cream

Feb. 5th, 2011

Birthday Party

I'm going to Virginia today!!!! Haircut, Pedi/Mani, Starbucks, and shopping. I won't be able to do dinner with the guys tonight. They are going up to Glouster to have dinner with our friend Nick. I'm not sure how long Nick will be here.
My goal is to find stuff for my little cousin's birthday party (She is turning 15) and the bridal shower. Any ideas for a teenage birthday party? It will be at a restaurant. Party favors are what I am most concerned about. Let me know of any ideas you guys may have.
Also I need one more Bridal Shower game idea. We will be playing Bingo.
This isn't my type of thing. I'm not usually a party planning person lol

Feb. 4th, 2011

Diet, Wedding Shower, Birthday Party and SCKBSTD

I didn't do to bad at dinner last night. I had a salad with fat free Ranch dressing, a little bit of cheese, a little bit of cottage cheese ( just a little because cottage cheese has a lot of carbs), One of those bags of Salads, cherry tomatoes, and then a glass of wine. It was good. This morning I have started on my cup of coffee and half of a bagel (Plain).

I am coming along with the wedding shower. I ordered these little boxes of mints where you could personalize the top of the tin. Also it had a little butterfly on the top (Her wedding is butterfly themed). For the table I am going to have a white table cloth, these two butterfly centerpiece things to hold flowers or balloons, and butterfly confetti sprinkled across the table. It is going to be at a restaurant so I don't have to worry about plates, napkins, or the food other than the cake. I'm not sure where I am getting the cake made yet. No one seems to want to call me back. I am going to have two games, one is wedding Bingo and I'm not sure what else yet. When I send out the invitations I am going to include a receipt card to have each guest write down their favorite receipt and give to Amy at the shower.
Does anyone else have any suggestions of things I need or should do for the shower? I've never given one before and I'm not exactly a "take charge type of person" lol

I have to shop for my little cousin's birthday party for next weekend also. She will be 15, not so little anymore. Not sure what to get other than balloons there. It will be at the same restaurant as the shower. She has already invited her friends. Any suggestions? (I will be getting a cake of course)

It's rainy, a little snowy and a little icy today. Some of the schools here were delayed 2 hours, although roads are not bad and there really isn't any accumulation.

I posted another ad on Craigslist for someone to date. We will see what happens.

Sunday Clint and I are going to see Bruce Hornsby's new musical called SCKBSTD (pronounced Sick Bastard). I saw and met Bruce Hornsby back in September. He played some of the music from the musical at his concert that night. I really liked it and my date and I that night had planned to go to see his musical. Of course that guy fizzled out. I think Clint felt bad for me because he knew I really wanted to go but once again had ran into an unreliable asshole so I think he suggested us going to make me feel better. I got us really good seats! We are on the front row. I am reallllyyy excited. Maybe I will get to see Bruce again lol. Until I went to his concert, I did not realize he was from Williamsburg. My date that night was friends with him which is how I got to meet him. It was pretty cool.

Well back to work for now!

Feb. 3rd, 2011

Gave In

See! I have already given in! I had Chinese for lunch :-( I had teriyaki chicken (3 peices) and cheese sticks. As well as a Diet Dr. Pepper (about 1/2)


Last night I had a frightening dream. I don't remember much about it except at one point I was sitting at my desk at work and this huge black spider crawled up my leg and arm on to the side of my shoulder and opened it's mouth and had these sharp looking teeth and made a hissing sound. It was getting ready to bite me. I woke up before it did of course. I looked up what dreams about spiders mean and most of what I found said they mean fear or trying to escape from something that doesn't look like it is going to happen.
Another explanation, which is kind of far fetched I know, means that someone is trying to watch you or keep an eye on you. (That was an African Witch Craft thing). Made me think, my little cousins mother ( if you can really call her a mother) studies Wicca and we have a mutual dislike for one another even though we both are "showy" nice to each other in person. It could be her.
Anyway, does anyone have any in sight into my dream?

So far today, and it is 10:51 am, I have only had 4 wheat crackers with a little bit of shredded cheese and a large cup of coffee from McDonald's (with Splenda and cream). I'm not sure what I will have for lunch yet. I'm thinking a Healthy Choice Meal because I have one here at the office that needs to be ate.

I ordered stuff for the wedding shower today. So far I have wedding Bingo as one of the games. Does anyone else have a suggestion?
It will be held at a restaurant and there are only about 12 people that are going to be there.

Feb. 2nd, 2011

Trying Again

It has been a while since I last blogged. I am going to try this again. I am still fighting the battle of weight loss. Yes it is a battle! It's a knock down drag out fight.
My biggest problem is where I live. I am lonely here. All of my friends are in another state and no matter what I do it seems like I get pushed back to where I am. (That counts for all aspects of my life as well. Financially, career, dating, and so forth) It seems like I can never get a head in anything. So, I eat for comfort.
December was a really hard month for me. I became really depressed. There were times I did not even want to get out of bed. I just wanted to sleep the day away. I didn't care about much of anything.
Again a lot of this had to do with the fact that it seemed like I could not get ahead in anything. There were two or three times that it snowed as well and I could not go up to Virginia or anywhere. That meant I was stuck in my lonely apartment. If I wanted to play in the snow I had to do it alone. Not to mention that being stuck there meant, you guessed it, I ate more.
Not to mention that my childhood best friend who I spent endless nights listening to her romantic problems, was unseparable from, planned our weddings together since we were 5, picked someone else to be her maid of honor (matron of honor in this case). But get this I'm not even included in the wedding party! But because I assumed I was going to be I offered to give her a wedding shower.
After I got through the painful New Year's Eve weekend with my 2 Aunts and 2 Uncles instead of being around friends, I decided it is a new year and it's time to try again.

GOALS for 2011:
• Lose at least 50 pounds or more
• NEW JOB (muuuuucccchhh needed for happiness and health, my
current job is starting to cause more unneeded stress in my life)
• Get closer to being able to go to Paris.
• Hopefully find a boyfriend.

With this all said, I've started fighting the battle of weight loss again.

I've also started job searching more actively again.

As far as Paris and moving to Virgina go.... that all depends on a new job because I can't move until I have a job there and right now there is no way I could ever afford to go to Paris.

As far as the boyfriend thing goes.... I don't know what to do about that. I've tried so many dating sites it's not even funny. You name it, I've tried it. I don't know where to go with that from here. Craigslist seems to be the only place I can get a date and obviously 90% of what is there is after one thing, which I'm not.

Apr. 7th, 2009

Importance of Relay For Life

Relay For Life, the main fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, has a special place in my heart. When I was in eighth grade, my Aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. They quickly removed the tumor and she had chemotherapy treatments for a while.
When I was in ninth grade, my Grandfather was diagnosed with cancer in seven places in his body, but it started out as prostrate cancer. He passed peacefully soon after at home.
The end of my eleventh grade year my Mom was diagnosed with a very rare esophageal cancer that eventually took her life. She only had one chemo treatment. She passed away in her sleep at Pitt Memorial Hospital the morning of May 20th 1999, only about a month after being diagnosed and five months of being sick.
Then my Freshman year of college they told my aunt she was cured. We all celebrated at her 5 year remission. However, the following year, her doctor ordered the wrong scan and discovered twelve spots between her lungs. She underwent extensive chemotherapy again, but it didn't work. So, the doctors said she had one option left, the experimental Stem Cell transplant program at Duke University. It is research with stem cells, chemical treatments, and healing methods that the money raised during Relay for Life goes for.
In 2008 my Great Aunt was diagnosed with bone cancer. I'm not familiar with the medical terms for it. It eventually took her life. She passed away in her sleep at Bertie Memorial Hospital.
Eight years after my Aunt Lisa was diagnosed with breast cancer the second time, I had the honor of walking around the track at East Carolina University with her in the Survivor Walk during Relay For Life.
There were tears throughout the night because of the loss of loved ones, but I was truly honored to be standing beside my Aunt Lisa that night.
For those of you out there who have been touched by cancer, and they say 3 out of 4 people have, keep fighting to find a cure! We do not want to lose loved ones too early, or see them suffer through treatments and hospital stays.
Help the fight against cancer!

Jan. 29th, 2009


Current weight: 262
Short Term Goal: 260
Long Term Goal: 140
Ibs Lost In All: 64
Ibs Lost Since Last Weigh In:10

Jan. 6th, 2009

WEIGHT IN 01-06-09

Current weight: 272
Short Term Goal: 270
Long Term Goal: 140
Ibs Lost In All: 54
Ibs Lost Since Last Weigh In:2

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